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Caring for HWF Responders

Caring for our volunteers means taking care of their physical and mental needs. See how SARVAC promotes and maintains a physically and mentally healthy team.

SARVAC’s most valuable resource is the volunteers that it serves. Our priority is to ensure their physical and mental well-being, as providing emergency response services can be physically and mentally demanding. SARVAC’s Caring Approach is built on three pillars that promote physical and mental health.

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Operational Guidance

Health & Safety

The physical health and safety of SARVAC volunteers during operational responses is of the utmost importance. Efforts are made to ensure that our volunteers are provided with necessary and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); they are properly trained and briefed on the environment in which they will work, and that first aid plans are in place with trained first aiders in place to support the volunteers as they work..


In addition to the physical and mental wellbeing of SARVAC’s volunteers, it is also important that SARVAC reduces the financial uncertainty and makes accidental losses more manageable. This is done through the provision of three types of insurance:

Commercial General Liability Insurance, which covers all acts and omissions of its employees and volunteers with respect to loss by or injury to third parties.

Accidental Death and Disability Insurance, which provides protection to its volunteers and employees in the event that they either incur a loss, or loss of use of: life, limb, sight, hearing, and/or speech, due to an accidental injury.

Long Term Disability Insurance, which protects a volunteer from loss of income in the event that they are unable to work due to illness, injury, or accident for a long period of time.