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Training HWF Responders

The SARVAC HWF Training Strategy and Program join forces to comprehensively equip Canadian SAR volunteers and humanitarian workers with the skills required for effective crisis management during natural disasters, emergency incidents and pandemics.

In partnership with The Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN), SARVAC has developed a training portal for GSAR responders. Along with utilizing the current CPKN training applicable to HWF, HWF will develop specific training within the CPKN portal for GSAR responders. Specific skills and training will be required for some HWF deployments and all training will be tracked through the CPKN portal.

HWF Training Strategy

The SARVAC Humanitarian Workforce Training Strategy emphasizes preparedness and skills development, providing a robust, all-encompassing, and accessible approach for Responders to effectively respond to humanitarian emergencies across the country.

HWF Training Program

The SARVAC Humanitarian Workforce (HWF) has developed a comprehensive training program to prepare its workforce for national emergencies in Canada. Based on continuous learning and improvement, the program equips its workers with the latest tools, techniques, and best practices to respond to a wide range of emergency situations.