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Responder Resources

Responder Resources encompass a range of HWF Responder information; including SARVAC’s instructional/emergency safety/caring awareness, access to required forms, waivers, packing lists, travel info, ICS and HWF Partner websites, along with training resources for pre and post deployment.

HWF Responders may assume one or several of the many roles within a response during a deployment, depending on the training and certifications that they possess. Responders may become members of the National Incident Support Team (NIST), the Mission Incident Support/ Management Team (MIST/MIMT), or a Mission Ready Group (MRG). There are many roles to fill, which makes the HWF Responder a valuable resource and one that should be familiar with many facets of an emergency deployment. 

The resources below have been developed to assist GSAR Responders in their functions as a HWF Responder. Resources will be added to this page as they are developed.

Operational Framework

This Operations Section provides the HWF Responder with access to the guidance and documentation required to fulfill their role during a deployment. Included here are reference SOPs, MRG descriptions, Logistics items, including HWF Logistics Support Plan, travel documentation and checklists.



The SARVAC HWF Training Strategy and Program join forces to comprehensively equip Canadian SAR volunteers and humanitarian workers with the skills required for effective crisis management during natural disasters, emergency incidents and pandemics.

Learn more about our strategy and training programs HERE